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Hello My Name is Ferdy I Will Tell You Superstitions In Korea

When we go to a new country overseas, we can analyze a lot about the superstitions and taboos of the new nation. Some humans do accept as true with them, whilst others don’t, however we can not deny the truth that superstitions have an impact on the life-style of humans everywhere.

Superstitions are now not scientific, and have a tendency to be each non secular and wrong. In a world of scientific improvement and technology, many human beings nevertheless consider in superstitions. Today, I'd like to discuss about superstitions in Korea.

1. In Korea, all elevators have the letter “F” to point out the fourth flooring as a substitute of the wide variety four This is due to the fact the pronunciation of the range four sounds the identical as the Chinese persona for the phrase death, sa (사, 死).

2. One of the most famous superstitions is to no longer write your title in pink ink. I tried to appear for a reason, and there are many theories. However, I could not locate the specific purpose why.

3. Koreans say it is no longer desirable to reduce their fingernails or toenails at night. One of my Korean pals stated that there may be a fable that a rat grew to become a monster after consuming the leftover nail clippings. Of course, this is a superstition, however I wager that there have to be an proper reason. In the past, Koreans did not have electricity. If they tried to trim their finger or toe nails at night, they may want to harm their palms or feet, perhaps. So I bet there may also be a purpose to make such a story in order to stop such risky occasions from occurring.

4. It's no longer recommended to sleep at night time in a closed room with an electric powered fan became on. Some human beings say that this is no longer a superstition, however true truth. They agree with such testimonies due to the fact they noticed incidents on the information in the past. According to them, if you sleep in a room with a fan became on, you can die due to the fact your physique temperature will decline or else due to the fact the quantity of air in the room will run out. Many Koreans nevertheless accept as true with this as truth, however from a non-Korean factor of view, it is regarded nonsense.

5. Koreans consider they can earn cash if they dream of pigs. In Russia, pigs are regarded soiled animals. In Korea, however, a dream of a pig is idea to invoke a fortune. I bet this may be due to the fact the phrase for money, don (돈), and the Chinese persona for pig (돈, 豚) are mentioned the same.

6. Koreans say that it's now not correct to provide a pair of footwear to your boyfriend or girlfriend, due to the fact they ought to then depart you with these shoes. I did provide a pair of footwear to my boyfriend as soon as as a present, however he did not depart me. What’s more, we even obtained married recently.

7. Another undesirable element to do to your boyfriend or lady friend in Korea is to feed them rooster wings. This is due to the fact they accept as true with that guys will have an affair with anyone else if he eats rooster wings.

8. Koreans say that if you end consuming a meal and lie down in bed, you ought to emerge as a cow. This is a superstition, however if anybody does so and watches TV at once after ending a meal, I’m positive they can get fats like a cow.

9. Koreans say that it is no longer advocated to consume seaweed soup (미역국) on any day when you have a test. This is due to the fact the seaweed in the soup is slippery and you may slip down the examination end result rankings if you consume it. These days, sesame oil and congee are additionally regarded to be the equal due to the fact Koreans have an idiomatic expression for when you flip, or flunk, an exam, and the phrase sounds simply like the phrase for congee (시험을 죽 썼다).

On the different hand, Koreans frequently devour challenging taffy (엿) or sticky rice cake (찹쌀떡) in a desire for true success on an exam. They additionally provide a replicate or fork to their buddies or household contributors for the equal reason, as Korean has an idiomatic expression that you should appear cautiously and trap all the appropriate solutions on the take a look at (시험을 잘 보다, 잘 찍다). These are all superstitions, however at present it is simply viewed phase of the Korean language.

When you analyze extra about superstitions in Korea, you study greater about the Korean humans themselves, their attitude and about Korean society. Furthermore, some superstitions are almost viewed to be simply phase of Korea as a entire which we’d higher follow, in any other case we may want to be regarded rude.

If you get to be aware of the superstitions in Korea, you simply may discover them to be pretty interesting. Thannk you.

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